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We specialize in Criminal Investigations, Criminal Defense Investigations, Elderly Abuse, Special Needs Abuse (Developmentally Disabled Persons), Infidelity (Cheating), Surveillance, Accident Reconstruction, Background Investigations, and Expert Gang Testimony, however, we are experienced in, and handle all types of investigations.

We are authorized by the Santa Clara County Alternate Defense Office (ADO), and Independent Defense Counsel's Office (IDO) to conduct Criminal Defense Investigations.

We are experienced in Criminal Investigations, Criminal Defense Investigations, Homicide Investigations, Suspicious and Wrongful Death Investigations, Infidelity (Cheating) Investigations, Undercover Investigations, Missing Persons, Civil Investigations, Background Investigations, Elder Abuse, Special Needs Persons Abuse, Employee Theft, Witness Interviewing, Surveillance, Worker's Comp Fraud Investigations, Personal Injury, Insurance Fraud, Traffic Collisions, Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Child Custody, Divorce, Asset Discovery, Expert Gang Testimony, Process Serving, Collections and more! We also have a Forensic Sketch Artist on staff!

Our investigators are trained in the latest investigative research techniques and utilize the latest investigative tools to help protect our clients in a court of law. We typically work with attorneys and legal teams to help find the information they need to build a strong case utilizing proper evidence retrieval and collection methods.

We have worked with the following Clients: Governmental Agencies, Private Attorneys, Private Investigators, Law Enforcement Agencies, Insurance Companies, Private Employers, Bail Bond Agencies, and Private Persons.

​We are here to help you find the answers and solutions you need! If you are in need of a Investigator, please contact us toll free at 1-844-882-8379 or email us at todd@averypi.com, or go to our Contact Page!

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