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Definition of Infidelity | Cheater

noun: infidelity; plural noun: infidelities

  • The action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner.
  • Synonyms: unfaithfulness, adultery, cuckoldry, disloyalty, extramarital sex, deceit, falseness; affair, liaison, fling, amour; fooling around, cheating, two-timing, hanky-pank, fornication
  • Unbelief in a particular religion, especially Christianity. - Source:

Definition of a Tryst

an appointment to meet at a certain time and place, especially one made somewhat secretly by lovers.


We will use databases to try an determine who your spouse or significant other is associating with, where their car has been spotted, and any hidden addresses or assets they have, etc.

We will also utilize mobile and/or stationary surveillance to establish their daily activities and who they're hanging out with. We then document it with photographs and/or video, and a written report.

Investigation Process

1. Consultation

We begin by meeting with the client to obtain relevant information and establish clear objectives for the investigation. Understand the client's concerns, the suspected individual, and any specific details that can assist in the investigation.

2. Legalities

Familiarize you with the laws and regulations related to private investigations in the jurisdiction that the investigation will take place 

3. Planning:

We develop a thorough investigation plan based on the information provided by the client. Determine the best course of action, including surveillance methods, technology, equipment, and resources required for gathering evidence.

4. Surveillance:

We conduct discreet surveillance of the subject to gather evidence of infidelity. This may involve following the subject, monitoring their activities, documenting interactions, and capturing photographic or video evidence. It is crucial to maintain a professional and covert approach to avoid detection. We are in constant communication with our clients during surveillance.

5. Documentation:

We maintain detailed and accurate records of all observations and activities during the investigation. This includes dates, times, locations, addresses, vehicles, descriptions of events, and supporting evidence such as photographs or videos. These records will be essential for providing a comprehensive report to the client.

6. Technology:

We utilize appropriate surveillance technology and equipment to enhance the investigation. This may include GPS tracking devices, hidden cameras, audio recording devices, or any other tools that can aid in obtaining evidence legally and ethically.

7. Ethical Considerations:

We adhere to strict ethical standards throughout the investigation. Respect personal privacy, avoid trespassing, and ensure that our actions do not violate any laws. We do not engage in illegal activities, such as hacking into personal accounts or wiretapping.

8. Confidentiality:

We maintain strict confidentiality regarding the investigation. Protect the privacy of the client and the subject being investigated. Ensure that any evidence gathered is handled securely and only shared with the client or their legal representatives, as required.

9. Documentation:

After gathering sufficient evidence, compile a comprehensive report outlining the findings of the investigation. Present the report to the client, including all relevant information, observations, and supporting evidence.

10. Testimony:

We are prepared to present our findings and observations in a professional and credible manner in a court of law.

Conducting an infidelity investigation requires sensitivity, professionalism, and adherence to legal and ethical boundaries. It is crucial that we maintain objectivity and respect the rights and privacy of all individuals involved while providing our client with the information they seek.

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