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​​​​​Our Mission Statement

To provide a state of the art, intelligence based, professional and confidential investigation, in a thorough, yet timely manner, maintaining effective communication.

Our Core Values

  • EMPATHY: The ability to place great value on understanding the feelings, behaviors and emotions of our clients, and the importance of their individual situation and circumstances.


  • COMMITMENT: The ability to enthusiastically dedicate ourselves to skillfully accomplishing established goals, utilizing strategies and tactics with excellence and professionalism.

  • ​INTEGRITY: The ability to actively and tangibly make every possible effort to accomplish and demonstrate all that we say to our clients, team members, and our  partners, with honesty and sound moral character and ethical principals.

  • RESOURCEFULNESS: The ability to pursue ideas with vigor and persistence, taking full initiative, and using creativity to seek answers and solve problems. ​​​​​​​ Also, to listen to the ideas of others.
Avery & Associates Investigations - averypi.com