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​​Todd Frank Gonzalez Lobdell, PIQM, GANG EXPERT

Private Investigator Qualified Manager / Retired San Jose Police Detective / Specialty is Crimnal Investigations

Todd Frank Gonzalez Lobdell is the President and CEO of Avery & Associates. He is a retired San Jose Police Officer / Detective with over 32 years of combined experience in the Field of Military Law Enforcement and Investigations, Civilian Law Enforcement and Investigations, and in the Private Sector as a Uniformed Security Guard, Undercover Security Agent, and Private Investigator. He was a Police Officer and Detective in the City of San Jose for over 20 years. He worked Patrol, Personnel and Training, Reserve Training  Officer, Field Training Officer, Gang Detective and MERGE (SWAT) Intelligence Detective.  He has investigated such crimes as Gang Crimes, Homicides, Shootings, Stabbings, Assaults, Sexual Assaults, Kidnapping, Missing Persons and more.

He has been Certified as an Instructor on the Parolee Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS) by the California Department of Corrections and taught many classes on Gangs, Crime Prevention and Investigative Techniques. He has been certified by Santa Clara County Superior Court as an expert on Gangs, Narcotics and Firearms.  He has numerous Letters of Commendation and was also awarded a Life Saving Medal from the San Jose Police Department for saving a rape victim from a suspect armed with a knife.

He was also a Campus Police Officer  and Detective with the San Jose/Evergreen Community College District Police for 4 years. At the College PD, he patrolled the campus and conducted investigations. He was also the Court Liaison Officer, and the Administrator and Trainer for the District Wide Alarm System.

He was a Military Police Officer in the United States Army Reserve for 6 years, and he was awarded the Army Achievement Medal and an Honorable Discharge from the US Army.

​In the private sector he worked as a Private Security Guard with Gilson Security in San Jose, a Undercover Security Investigator for Brentway Markets in San Jose, and a Licensed Private Investigator with Lobdell & Tomlinson Investigations, Advanced Professional Investigations, and Cooke and Associates in San Jose, California. He has done Civil Investigations, Background Investigations, Bounty Hunting, and Asset Discovery.

​He graduated from the San Jose Police Academy in San Jose, California and received the "Top Academic Award" for the highest GPA in his class. He also graduated from the United States Army Military Police Academy at Fort McClellan, Alabama.

He also graduated from  the San Jose Police Investigators Academy, the San Jose Police MERGE (SWAT) Hand Gun School, and the San Jose Police Pistol and Shotgun School. He majored in Administration of Justice at West Valley College in Saratoga, California, and he has attended numerous advanced officer courses and seminars in law enforcement and investigations. He has numerous Certificates of Training and Commendations.

He is of Puerto Rican decent and lived and went to High School in Puerto Rico. As a result, he speaks, reads and writes in English and Spanish.

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