Remember, Police Officers can’t be everywhere at once. Get to know your neighbors! The cars they drive, the family members who live in the their house, hours they are gone at work, dates they are going on vacation, etc. And when you see something suspicious or a strange car parked in front of their house, call the Police!

Get to know the Police Officers assigned to your neighborhood. Your cooperation with them is for the benefit of you, your family and your neighbors!

Start a Neighbor Watch Group!

There’s safety in numbers and power through working with a group. You’ll get to know your neighbors better, and working with them you can reduce crime, develop a more united community, provide an avenue of communications between police and citizens, establish on-going crime prevention techniques in your neighborhood, and renew citizen interest in community activity.

You can start a Neighborhood Watch program on your own, or we can help by putting on a Neighborhood Watch Seminar for you and your neighbors.

For more information about Neighborhood Watch Programs Contact Us ​or contact National Neighborhood Watch here:

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Neighborhood Watch Programs

Lock your Doors and Windows!

You would be surprised how many people don't lock their doors and windows! A great number of burglaries occur because people don't secure their homes properly!

Other Tips

  • Get an Alarm System!
  • Get a Dog!
  • Keep the bushes in front of your windows trimmed! 
  • Provide Keys or Access codes to your local Beat Officer!
  • Don't leave your purse or other valuables visible in your car. Put them in the trunk! 
  • Down load the App "Next Door" from Google Play the Apple App Store!