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DUI Consulting Cases

We can help you get through the difficult time of a DUI Arrest!

If you are convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI / DWI), you may face significant fines, a driver license suspension, jail time, loss of employment, and other potentially devastating penalties. The conviction may stay on your driving record for up to ten years, and on your criminal history for life!

Before you make any decision or take any action that may affect the rest of your life, talk to  Avery & Associates. Although we are NOT attorneys, and cannot offer legal advice, but we can investigate and evaluate your case!

We will work with you and your attorney if you decide to retain one, to investigate and evaluate your case so that you receive the best outcome possible and to ensure that your rights are not violated!

We will help give you guidance and control over your case. That's what we specialize in, helping you get back CONTROL of your situation!

There is no cost to evaluate your case! Our Investigators are standing by! Make the call today!

We are NOT Attorneys and do not give legal advice!

Avery & Associates Investigations - averypi.com