​Criminal Defense Investigations

Avery & Associates is a professional licensed Private Investigations and Consulting Firm with over 30 years of Law Enforcement and Private Investigative experience! Our investigations are highly trained and experienced retired and former Police Officers and Detectives!


We are authorized by the Santa Clara County Independent Defense Counsel's Office (IDO) to conduct Criminal Defense Investigations for IDO Attorneys.

Criminal Defense Investigations are typically conducted to collect physical evidence and witness statements for pending criminal court cases. The first goal of our investigation is to carefully examine the police reports, physical evidence, court transcripts, and all other discovery items, to determine the facts of the case. We then work to identify missing details, witnesses, and other relevant information which may offer our client the best chance for a fair and favorable outcome. Inattention to detail, missing or contradictory information including witness statements, and errant procedure are common in criminal investigations – whether due to budgetary constraints, heavy case loads, time and personnel management, or simple carelessness. These details strengthen the defense case, enabling attorneys with strategies to provide their clients the strongest defense possible.

Our investigators are trained in the latest investigative research techniques and utilize the latest investigative tools to help protect our clients in the court of law. We typically work with attorneys and legal teams to help find the information they need to build a strong case utilizing proper evidence retrieval and collection methods.

We are experienced in Witness Interviewing, Surveillance, and Expert Witness Testimony. We also have a Forensic Sketch Artist on staff!

We can help support your case. Don’t go it alone!

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