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What Is a Background Check?

Background checks tend to provide general information, such as academic status, credit history, criminal history, and verification of personal references. However, some employers may decide to probe deeper by enlisting services from a background investigations agency to broaden their search by pinpointing closer details of a person’s life including court rulings, financial records, asset/estate holdings, community associations, and even ancestry documentation. Many government-based jobs are allowed access to private information for security reasons and may include interviews with those surrounding the applicant in the process.

What Is a Background Investigation?

Background investigations, within the context of workplace safety, refers to the thorough examination and assessment of an applicants relevant private and public information during the application process. It differs from a standard background check, which is more of a superficial identification analysis whereas a background investigation can involve careful and methodical determination of applicant records.

Background investigations relate to a highly sophisticated process of identifying, confirming, and determining whether a potential candidate can aptly fill an opened position with an employer.

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